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Proactively Treating Smiles

Sometimes referred to as Phase 1 or Interceptive Treatment, care for our youngest patients aims to prevent more serious problems from developing. We focus on proactive prevention and jaw growth to ensure proper development. Here are a few ways to tell if your child may need early orthodontic treatment:

If your child is around age 7 and shows signs of needing early interceptive orthodontic care, or if you have been directed by your family dentist to visit the orthodontist, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment. Our team will provide your child with an initial exam, and discuss with you the best steps to take toward caring for your child’s smile.


An estimated 10 to 15% of children could benefit from early interceptive treatment.


The first permanent molars typically erupt between the ages of six and seven.


The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends your child’s first orthodontic appointment by age seven!

How Early Interceptive Orthodontics Work

Dr. Phillips loves to make a personal connection with with your child in order to understand their needs. The most important part about early interceptive orthodontics is the plan. Our youngest patient's mouths are changing constantly, which also presents the opportunity to affect their growth and development.

Do we have enough room for the adult teeth? Are the jaws growing in the correct ways? Studies have shown that orthopedic appliances (like a palatal expander, or facemask), when used correctly, decrease a patient's likely hood for necessary invasive treatments later like surgery or tooth extractions!

Phase one is all about the big picture. We want to be efficient because over half our patients need another phase of treatment when they are around 12 years old. Once we have room for all the teeth, and growth has been course corrected, we will use retainers to hold our progress while we wait for all the adult teeth to grow!


We are always available to help you with whatever you may need.

Ready To Straighten Your Smile?

We are always available to help you with whatever you may need.