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Sleep, Airway & Palatal Expansion

Palatal expansion helps produce a correct bite, easier breathing, and decreased
risk of future extractions.

Our understanding of sleep and the airway is an emerging science and new things are constantly being discovered. A constricted airway can severely impact the growth and development of a child and should be considered when evaluating a child’s overall health. If a child under the age of 12 has any “sleep symptoms” or signs of a constricted airway, Dr. Phillips can take advantage of the growth of the child to expand the airway. This can often prevent obstructive sleep apnea and improve the overall health of a child.

What are the warning signs for childhood sleep symptoms?

Mood Swings
Behavior Problems
Teeth Grinding
Mouth Breathing
Difficulty Paying Attention

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Studies are beginning to show the benefits of orthodontic treatment with the airway and breathing. Palatal expansion in early interceptive treatment or surgically assisted expansion as an adult can be a life changing experience. When we breathe better, we sleep better too!

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a set of symptoms and pain involving the jaw joint. Symptoms can be clicking, popping, pain, and limited function. Orthodontic treatment can be an integral part of your journey to healthy and pain-free jaw function.

Straight teeth are healthy teeth. Did you know crowded teeth are associated with increased risk of gum disease and cavities? It's not magic. When our teeth are straight our brushing and flossing are more effective at removing plaque and calculus.

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Let us help make your smile more beautiful than it already is.

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